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Area 51 Raid Live Broadcast
Millions of Americans previously announced their readiness to attack the military facility on September 20 to take a look at the aliens allegedly located there.

On Friday, September 20, in the United States, an assault on a top-secret U.S. Air Force facility called Area 51 is scheduled for more than two million people. In this regard, the county is going to declare a state of emergency, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The US Air Force is preparing for the fact that during the assault on Area 51, accidents can occur and have closed the airspace above the base. The ban is valid from September 16 to 22 and applies to any aircraft, including drones and quadcopters.

In turn, the authorities of Lincoln County (Nevada) have already prepared the necessary documents for declaring a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, a user of Youtube, under the pseudonym @LDG Station, launched a live broadcast of the assault on Area 51.

In the description, the channel owner said that he hoped to see aliens in the restricted area.

Earlier, an action was launched on Facebook to gather participants to storm the American military base of Area 51 in Nevada to confirm the well-known legend that evidence of visiting the Earth by aliens or even aliens themselves is hidden on the base. More than two million people have already signed up for the "assault", about another million have written that they are "interested" in this event. "Assault" is scheduled for September 20. In early August, Facebook closed the event page.

Recall, the US Air Force military base Area 51 is in Nevada, 130 kilometers from Las Vegas, right on the shores of dried Lake Groom. The base was built in 1955, but the authorities recognized its existence only in 2013.
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