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The fire has burned multiple buildings in the Villa Calimesa and Sylmar
In the California, there is a third day of warning about extreme fire hazard - for the time being up to 110 km/h and very low humidity.

Because of the threat of resurgence of conductors, which could lead to fires, energy companies took unprecedented measures: hundreds of thousands of houses were disconnected from power supply. But it was not possible to avoid fires.

Foci flared up in many places. Fire picks up to settlements, the evacuation of the population. The most difficult situation is in Southern California. At least 73 mobile homes burned out in the city of Calimesa, Riverside County. Fire fighters with fire and air use 6 aircraft and 8 helicopters, reports Stormnews with reference to CBS Los Angeles.

Sylmar is a suburb of Los Angeles. Residents have also been evacuated here. While doing without injuries.

In Northern California in the county of Contra Costa. 140 houses were in the danger zone.

According to the service, 265 thousand houses remain in the state without electricity. A power outage creates serious difficulties in everyday life. In the houses you cannot use electrical appliances (refrigerators, stoves, computers, televisions, chargers for smartphones, etc.). Elevators do not function. In de-energized stores you cannot buy products that need to be cooled. Cancel classes in schools.

In many settlements there was no lighting, and during the day there are problems with the road due to idle traffic lights. So, at the intersections in the city of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, there were many accidents. 5 people were injured. Drivers should be very careful when driving down.

According to weather forecasts, extreme weather conditions in California persist for at least another two days.

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