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1) Wait a total load and buffering (occupies 40 sec), or try to update page.

2) It is possible that Windows Media Player is not installed at on your computer.

Download it and install: Windows Media Player/Plugin

3) Some broadcasts need Adobe Flash Player plugin installed in your browser.

Download it and install: Adobe Flash Player

4) For some TV channels Real Player is required.

Download it and install: Real Player

5) Probably problem is that your Internet too slow to play back the given channel, the necessary port for an announcement banned by your provider, or it is ungeared in a proxy (if your Internet proxy).

6) Codecs aren't installed:
Download Codecs

7) For channels in which title costs VLC it is necessary to install VLC Player:

Download VLC Player

Don't forget when installing set installing of Mozilla Plugin.

8) The Link has become outdated or the problem with the channel broadcast then goto forum and explain the problem and we try to correct it.

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