In the California, there is a third day of warning about extreme fire hazard - for the time being up to 110 km/h and very low humidity.

Because of the threat of resurgence of conductors, which could lead to fires, energy companies took unprecedented measures ... Read more »
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Travel app "HKmap Live Map" uses reports from a Telegram group to track the locations of police, protesters and traffic to make a map of demonstration and police movements.

This map will help you to avoid unnecessary aggression. ... Read more »
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Hundreds of masked protesters formed a human chain and moved from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po. This is a demonstration march against new anti-face mask law, that start work today.

Amid protests, Hong Kong authorities ban masks during ... Read more »
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Netflix streaming service premiered horror movie “In the Tall Grass” created by Stephen King and his son John Hill.

Vincenzo Natalie directed the picture. ... Read more »
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Senator Bernie Sanders, participating in 2020 United States presidential election, was hospitalized on Tuesday with chest pains, Voice of America reports. A 78-year-old politician was found to have a blocked artery.

Vermont Independent Senator is the oldest US presidential candidate. ... Read more »
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Samsung has decided to go even further: the new patent is a model with an integrated spectrometer.

A sophisticated optical device can perform several functions ... Read more »
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US President Donald Trump called on Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, to leave aside, accusing him of “distorting” the text of a conversation with Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky.

On Twitter, Trump accused Schiff of slandering ... Read more »
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Millions of Americans previously announced their readiness to attack the military facility on September 20 to take a look at the aliens allegedly located there.

On Friday, September 20, in the United States, an assault ... Read more »
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Redmi K20 Pro will receive a modification with a record amount of memory.

Well-known insider Mukul Sharma published a Twitter blog ... Read more »
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At the age of 95, the first president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, passed away.

According to CNN, information about his death was confirmed ... Read more »
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