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Big Bang Theory Yesterday Release a Seven Season
September 26 , in the U.S. the premiere of the seventh season of the famous sitcom about physicists nerd "The Big Bang Theory".

It is known that in a fresh season Leonard go on an expedition with scientist Stephen Hawking, whose role in the television series he performs the famous astrophysicist famed own writings on the study of the universe. In the meantime, Dr. Hofstadter develops seas, houses Raj Koothrappali in full force using his newly acquired skills to talk to girls. Penny and Sheldon are spending more and more time with each other. The result is that blondes are able to be considered, and physicists isn’t look like regular human .

At the moment, "The Big Bang Theory" - the ranking comedy on TV. It was learned that all the characters in this sitcom moment insist on raising fees . For example, starring Kaley Cuoco ( Penny ), Jim Parsons ( Sheldon ) and Johnny Galeki ( Leonard ) said that , despite the prosperity of the project, " their remuneration are not up to the desired level ." At the moment, the trio gets to 325 thousand dollars per episode , but wants to increase fees up to a million dollars each , according to " 7 days " .

Recall that the sixth season of "The Big Bang Theory" had unusual success with the public , in consequence of which he became the absolute leader in hits . Also, Jim Parsons won the "Emmy" for his role as Sheldon in the 65th awards ceremony which took place in those days, on September 22.

"The Big Bang Theory" - South American comedy series that tells about the life of 2- gifted young physicists , their neighbor on the landing, a pretty blonde girl who dreams of becoming an actress , but also their friends - astrophysics and engineer Rajesh Koothrappali Howard Wolowitz . Sitcom premiere took place September 24, 2007 on the South American channel CBS.

Big Bang Theory 7 Season interview with Sheldon Cooper

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